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An amazing discovery has been made regarding the structure of DNA that is leading to a major paradigm shift in science called Intelligent Design. The criteria that astronomers use to decide if an information-bearing signal from outer space has been received (The SETI Project, for example), has not only been met, but has been vastly surpassed by the amount of information stored within DNA. The only known cause of information is intelligence, hence this discovery is not about a law of science, but is, in the final analysis, about the detection of what appears to be a supernatural intelligence. This website is intended for people who ask and are looking for evidence that sheds light upon the “What is the meaning of life” question. It does not require a technical science background, but insists upon an open, curious, rational mind that seeks the truth. It begins with a new shift in scientific thinking that is able to provide an explanation for the profound discoveries regarding DNA. This new shift in thinking also helps explain the origin of some other amazing biological structures known as “molecular motors” which are constructed and function like the motors we use in everyday life. But one does not need to first start with these discoveries. You can quickly review the topic of Intelligent Design and then proceed to section 3 to examine a different type of evidence about the intelligence that could very well be responsible for the design of DNA. Intelligent Design theory, however, is very important and needs to be introduced within all levels of the educational system as an alternative to evolutionary theory. Such an effort requires one to become familiar with it precepts, so be sure to learn about ID later.

This website will link to a website specifically devoted to Intelligent Design (ID) where one can learn why evolutionary theory, despite all its efforts, has failed to answer the “How did life begin?” question. Hopefully, the Intelligent Design paradigm shift will give new vigor and enlightment to those who pursue the deeper mysteries of life since ID is able to explain this foundational question as well as many other questions that evolutionary theory struggles to provide even reasonable answers for. The new evidence regarding the structure of DNA is profound in nature and its implications can be understood once you have a working definition of what “information” is and when it is present. Nearly everyone unconsciously recognizes and uses information in their everyday life whether it is written, spoken, pictorial, etc. Do not be concerned if you do not immediately grasp the concepts to be presented because the information contained within DNA is not in the form of a written language such as English, Spanish or computer programming code. English, Spanish, computer code, and DNA, however, are similar in that they all convey information, which means that some form of intelligence is behind their creation when they are present. ID theory teaches how to easily identify when information is present regardless of the form it takes. Having learned how to detect information and realizing that the only known cause of information is intelligence, you will be able to appreciate the significance of what it means for DNA to contain information. Understanding the “origin of information” question about DNA is equivalent to understanding the “origin of life “ question. If you still need assistance in understanding Intelligent Design theory after studying resources at the ID website, ask for help from someone who is versed in the fundamentals of Intelligent Design theory. They can guide you in the same way a good teacher guides an interested student.

As you progress in your understanding of ID theory, you will discover that many evolutionists, despite the evidence presented which justifies the Intelligent Design paradigm shift, are still resisting the ID movement because they mistakenly think that Intelligent Design theory requires a supernatural designer. Today, science, by it’s own definition, excludes considering any theory that makes claims of supernatural causes. The founders of Intelligent Design theory have stayed within science’s own boundaries and have simply claimed that intelligent causes are detectable. The issue of whether they are natural or supernatural is not relevant to the theory. That issue is for the individual person to decide for himself or herself.

(SETI is Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence)

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